Let’s Start Spanish

I feel as if it would be wrong to start this whole process without an explanation. I’ve always wanted to learn a second language, in particular Spanish. Recently, this urge has been getting stronger and stronger so I’ve decided to act on it and start learning!

Whilst doing some research I came across some information which suggested that people learn better when they are learning with others. Building on this information I did some investigating into the best resources I could use to learn Spanish entirely free. I believe I’ve found a good mix of websites that help you to learn languages and traditional resources.

I hope over the coming months and years to write about my experience learning the language and encourage you to join me on my journey. My plan is to post daily with a mixture of my progress learning the language and a different useful, free resources to help you learn Spanish with me.

As I am a complete beginner I hope to attract a variety of followers- language learning experts to help us with advice and novices alike to share their experiences. I encourage you to get in touch and participate as much as possible as I reckon we can help each other!

Here we go, Let’s Start Spanish!


11 thoughts on “Let’s Start Spanish

    • I thought it would be difficult to find content for multiple languages and it could lose the personal touch. I like that though. Who knows, maybe one day there’ll be a LetsStartFrench or something! Hopefully you stick around and can make use of the resources I’ll be posting!


  1. Hello! I recently commented on your post on Memrise and I thought I would make a comment here too. 😀

    I’m not learning Spanish yet as I said. Most of my posts are about learning Korean, but I post about other languages too.

    A site that you may want to consider to learn Spanish that I find interesting(I’m sorry if you already know about it >.<): https://www.lingualia.com/

    If you ever decide to learn another language after, or during, your time with Spanish, I'll be more than happy to give you resources. I'm CRAZY about languages and have a lot of websites saved for various languages that I personally want to learn one day. You name the language and I'll most likely have a website bookmarked somewhere for that language!

    I wish you luck on your journey to learning Spanish. Stick to it, don't give up and work to the best of your ability! It may get hard sometimes, but you will push through and it will be so worth it! 😀


    • Thank you so much for the message and having a look at my blog. That’s a site I’ve never seen before actually but it looks very interesting and I’ll definitely be looking into it.

      You seem to be pretty experienced in learning languages and the methods surrounding it. Is there some way we could work together on post or something like that at some point? I’d love to guest post or for you to do that here?


      • I think that would be great! I never had a guest on my blog or been a guest on someone’s blog before. I think it could be something we may do one day!

        I think I know how to find websites and/or books that I think are good. A lot of people tell me I’m good at finding language sites and haven’t heard over half of the things I found. I mean I’ve been in love with learning languages ever since I was in middle school and since then, I’ve explore different ways to learn languages!


  2. BryanEDU says:

    Hey! I saw your post on Duolingo and just wanted to drop by and say that I’m very impressed by the efforts that you are making. Learning a language is SOOO much fun and is a great skill to have in life. I just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your journey. I’ve followed this website so that I can watch your progress grow 🙂

    Also, I saw Melody above talking about mutual blog posts. If you decide to go through with this idea, I’d love to write something for this website.


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