Best Resources To Help Learn Spanish

Before embarking on this journey to Spanish proficiency I spent a long time researching the best options available to help me learn the language for free but also most effectively. I plan to use a variety of websites and online material as well as optimising my learning by using some traditional language learning resources.

Principally, I will be making the most of the free language learning services Duolingo and Memrise. Both sites have free courses for learning Spanish with Duolingo focusing more on the grammar side of things and Memrise the vocabulary. Both are sites which have “gamified” learning and reward users with points in order to encourage their continued learning as well as offering leaderboards to create a bit of competition. A good balance of what both sites offer should give us a good start in beginners Spanish very quickly.

On top of using these sites I’ll be publishing verb tables to help with our conjugations and a variety of materials whether it be a Spanish song, film, article or just an explanation of a grammar rule. All evidence suggests that immersion aids in developing language skills so these resources should be very helpful.

Articles will follow with more in depth information about Duolingo and Memrise.


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