3 Reasons I Chose Duolingo


For those of you that read my previous posts you’ll see that I am planning to use Memrise and Duolingo together. Duolingo I plan to use mainly for the assistance it will offer with grammar. Below I explain exactly why I chose Duolingo:

1.It Covers All Necessary Topics (for free!)

Many online learning resources offer various beginner level resources but aren’t comprehensive. Duolingo starts from complete basics but also progresses to high level Spanish by the end of the course. Many have suggested that using Duolingo alone can lead to the learner reaching University level ability with languages. Furthermore, while other language learning resources will charge you for this Duolingo is free forever!

2. It’s Fun!

Statistics show that the most common reason for language learners to stop or slow their progress is a lack of motivation. Duolingo saw this problem and offered a brilliant solution gamified learning. Duolingo has a points system set up which allows learners to compete with each other over different lengths of time to have earned the most XP by completing and reviewing lessons. On top of this the site offers learners “Lingots” as a form of currency on the site for completing lessons and various streaks. Lingots can be used to buy a variety of power-ups and bonuses.

3. It Encourages Immersion

Immersion is widely believed to be the most effective way of learning a language. Immersion means surrounding yourself by the language whether that be by listening to music in that language or watching your favorite TV show in that language or reading the language. Duolingo offers the opportunity to translate thousands of real online articles into the language you are learning. As this can be tailored to individual interests it ensures learners see vocabulary and grammar in a context they would otherwise read.

I hope you agree with me on these issues and feel motivated to try out Duolingo! If you have any other positives of Duolingo or negatives for that matter please let me know in the comments!